Engineers Without Borders Boston Professional Chapter Chooses Aquagenx CBT Kit for Water Quality Testing in Remote Tanzanian Villages

Engineers Without Fringes Boston Proficient Section (EWB Boston) executes feasible undertakings in organization with creating groups to meet their essential human needs and backings water supply extends in the towns of Mapinduzi and Mkutani in Tanzania. Testing the towns’ water supplies for E. coli microscopic organisms is a basic parameter expected to evaluate the security and wellbeing danger of the source water in every group.

The issue was, how could EWB Boston direct water quality testing in rustic zones where labs are difficult to reach, inaccessible and excessively costly?

EWB Boston received the Aquagenx Compartment Pack Test (CBT), a moderate, versatile water quality test unit for E. coli. Charge Clunie, Water Supply Design and Barbara Flautist, Tanzania Group Pioneer picked the CBT Unit since it is improved for on location testing and gives them a chance to run tests themselves, without the high expenses and muddled coordinations required with outsider labs.

Clunie and Flute player worked with Tanzanian people group individuals who staff the town wellbeing dispensary and work the borehole pumping framework. Together they gathered field get tests of untreated source water (stream and borehole water) with the CBT Unit, and also water from the rain water catchment framework.

The stream source water was observed to be hazardous, as they anticipated. Be that as it may, EWB Boston and group individuals were exceptionally satisfied to discover the water catchment framework water was sheltered. The CBT’s quantitative, shading change test comes about for E. coli effortlessly empowered everybody to examine tests from an indicative perspective to precisely evaluate the degree of the wellbeing danger of water supplies.

“The CBT Pack gives snappy turnaround time on results, is effortlessly transported and is anything but difficult to use in test arrangement,” says Clunie. “Notwithstanding its ease and fast outcomes, the transportability of the CBT is an advantage, alongside its straightforwardness of utilization.”

Clunie and Flautist left residual CBTs with the villagers to screen water quality themselves on a continuous premise. Since their underlying testing with the CBT Unit in 2015, EWB Boston utilized the CBT in Tanzania amid a consequent excursion and plan on utilizing it again in future outings to Tanzanian people group.

The Aquagenx Compartment Pack Test (CBT), is a straightforward, compact water quality test for E. coli. The CBT Unit creates simple to-score, evaluated, shading change test comes about. It is perfect for on location testing in low asset and catastrophe/crisis ranges. No power, research facilities, frosty chain, costly gear or gifted specialists are required to utilize the CBT.

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