Dr Sidney Gicheru Implants One Of First Restor Toric Multifocal Cataract Lenes In Dallas Texas

Sidney Gicheru MD, Restorative Chief at Lasercare Eye Center inserts one of the primary ReSTOR Toric waterfall focal points in the Dallas Stronghold Worth Metroplex. The surgery was performed at Baylor Surgical Clinic at Las Colinas utilizing the LensX laser helped waterfall surgery laser.

The ReSTOR Toric focal point is an intraocular multi central waterfall focal point intended to consolidate to advances together into one. The advantage is the new focal point remedies both presbyopia and cornea astigmatism with the goal that patients can build potential for autonomy from glasses.

Lasercare Eye Center is a pioneer in the Dallas Stronghold Worth territory in innovation and utilizing front line gadgets for individuals needing freedom from glasses.

Our Concentration: The primary need of our specialists and staff is giving awesome customized care to our patients. We expect to be moderate and offer financing for LASIK and Waterfall surgery. You can pick between 0% intrigue or super low installments.

Innovation Pioneers: Our originator, Sidney Gicheru, M.D., is a previous Electrical Designer. Since 2000, we meant to be the pioneer in the most recent Vision Revision surgery innovation to DFW:

LASIK: The main DFW private practice to bring iDesign Custom LASIK.

Genuine Laser Waterfall surgery: One of the primary private practices in DFW with its own particular Lensx Femtosecond Laser.

The Most recent Focal point inserts: Offering ReSTOR 3.0 and 2.5 multifocal focal point inserts to right vision close and far.

SmartVision: Offering ORA SmartVision, a novel approach to gauge and re-affirm focal point embed solution in the Working space for your security.

Notoriety: Charge Boothe, M.D. was one of the busiest LASIK specialists on the planet (click here). He did more than 150,000 LASIK methods. When he resigned, he could have left his heritage with any specialist or practice in DFW. He picked Dr. Gicheru and Laser Mind Eye Center.

Add up to Eye Mind: notwithstanding Vision Revision with LASIK and Waterfall surgery, we have practical experience All in all Ophthalmology. Regardless of whether you require an entire Eye exam, Contact focal point exam or have Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration or Dry Eyes, we have the correct authority for you.

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