Dovetail Brewery, Producing Inspired German and Belgian-style Beers using Traditional Brewing Methods, Opens June 11 in Chicago’s Ravenswood Corridor

Dovetail’s sizable 22,000 square foot office, possessed by confirmed ace brewers Hagen Dost and Charge Wesselink, is delivering a conventional German-style Ale, a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen and a Franconian-style Rauchbier.

At first, the bottling works is self-disseminating its lager in barrels, concentrating on real lager scenes in Chicago and different areas in the quick region inside two miles of the distillery. There will be a pub on-premises where visitors can test and buy the brews. To begin, the tavern will be open on Fridays from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. furthermore, on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Dovetail Brew can be found on tap at the accompanying Chicago bars and bars: Hopleaf, Wellspring, Paddy Long’s, Kaiser Tiger and the Long Room.

The distillery additionally will deliver Lambic-style acrid lager, blended utilizing the customary crushing and unconstrained maturation strategies for the Lambic brewers of the Pajottenland, Belgium. The first of the Lambic-style lagers is being prepared now, yet won’t be accessible until Spring 2018.

An association of two guaranteed ace brewers

The two business accomplices shaped their thought for Dovetail Distillery at the renowned worldwide Doemens Akademie in Munich when these two Chicagoans, who were amidst chipping away at their lord fermenting classes, found their basic eagerness for conventional German and Belgian-style lagers made by little, autonomous bottling works in Europe. Their ardent discussions advanced into genuine business exchanges, and after that into a nitty gritty strategy for success. “It was evident that we were of a similar personality when it came to preparing techniques, theory and tastes,” said Wesselink. “We invested a lot of energy looking into the business, sourcing gear and fixings, and building up a strong arrangement.”

Whenever Dost and Wesselink initially started talking all things brew in Munich, they understood they were similarly enthusiastic the lagers of two special locales, Franconia in the Bavarian area of Germany and the Senne Valley in Belgium. Dovetail Bottling works is their method for recreating these lager making strategies that are almost overlooked in today’s business distilleries.

“We share an excitement for the little, free, family-run bottling works of Bavaria and the Senne Valley in Belgium” said Dost. “These bottling works deliver from 1,000 to 20,000 barrels for every year, and when we examined the zone, we found that there are 287 little distilleries – a significant focus. Well known names from this area are Mahr’s Brau, Schlenkerla and Brauerei Spezial.”

With this vision clear in their brains, the two started searching for space to house a business bottling works, and accidentally, they found a space in Chicago’s Ravenswood hall. At that point they scoured Germany for true preparing hardware, including open aging vessels. These have been set up since December. Having finished the hardware’s trying and alignment prepare, the principal bunches of lager were delivered in April.

The bottling works likewise has an appealing 1,700 square foot pub, with a limit of 99. General society is welcome to hang out, specimen the lagers and buy them. The tavern will serve as a setting for reviewing new regular discharges and a rental space for private gathering occasions.

Dovetail’s theory: lager that pleasures the greater part of the faculties

Dovetail’s preparing theory is that awesome brews play on the greater part of the faculties. Brew that pleasures the greater part of the faculties sounds rich on the pour and is mouth-watering to see. The nose of the lager sets the scene: running from a fancy bounce field to a butcher’s smokehouse. The mouthfeel builds up identity: smooth and rich, or light and sharp, similar to Brie versus Parmesan. Taste frames the mind boggling center of the brew: sweet, astringent, sharp and additionally salty in coordination. Waiting, lovely persistent flavor makes the craving for the following taste. Generally speaking, the lager should be heavenly: a radiant, temporary affair that draws in the greater part of the faculties and is enormously impacted by the nourishment it’s combined with or the season amid which it’s appreciated.

Dost and Wesselink trust that there are three keys to making heavenly, delightful lager: outdated techniques, tolerance & blending skill. To this end, Dovetail Bottling works is outfitted with legitimate old style preparing and aging device that is seldom found in cutting edge distilleries. The coolship and frosty aging procedures are an arrival to the little cluster establishments whereupon awesome German and Belgian lagers have been created for quite a long time.

“Today’s bottling works have moved far from these early fermenting strategies, not on account of they need to create better lager, but rather on the grounds that they need to streamline the procedure and spare cash,” said Dost. “Bill and I concur that our strategies deliver the finest lagers and despite the fact that it requires more investment and requires more persistence, the quality, flavor, body and general brew drinking background are totally justified, despite all the trouble. That is the reason, as we’ve recounted our story to Chicago lager aficionados, they have reacted with fervor. They comprehend that our preparing strategies create just the best lagers, and they can hardly wait to taste them.”

A product offering that crosses over any barrier amongst custom and innovation

Dovetail Distillery creates the best of the territorial styles from Franconia and the Senne Valley. Their Ale is unfiltered, brilliant, malty, rich, smooth and complex, with fragrance of malt and new jumps. A simple to drink, full-bodied 4.8% ABV with a waiting charming persistent flavor and froth that stands like a cloud over the edge of the glass with binding at each taste. It is created utilizing cool aging temperatures and a patient 4-to-5-week frosty development.

Dovetail’s Rauchbier (5.3% ABV) is dim with ruddy tones and a grayish head with a rough froth remaining over the edge of the glass. Delivered utilizing 95% beechwood-smoked malt it gives the impression of eating a bar of chocolate in a smokehouse, full and rich with liberal jumping to adjust the kind of beechwood smoked bacon.

Dovetail’s Hefeweizen (4.8% ABV) is anything but difficult to drink with a waiting, wonderful delayed flavor impression – A rich, yolky-orange wheat brew, highlighting the smell of clove and natural product in immaculate adjust; invigorating on a warm day, with a clue of mandarin-orange-like causticity; immense bubbling head; Thick enduring froth that leaves an appealing binding after each taste.

The fourth lager in the lineup is a Belgian Lambic-style lager prepared utilizing customary crushing and unconstrained maturation techniques for the first Lambic brewers of the Belgium. “In Belgium, the Senne Valley is known for its remarkable brews – Lambic and Gueuze- – which are ‘suddenly aged’ lagers,” said Dost. “They are somewhat harsh and acidic, with low carbonation and complex flavor profiles. Lambic brews are barrel aged for six months to two years and mixed, frequently with natural product, to accomplish their last character. Gueuze brews are a mix of 1, 2, and 3 year-old Lambic lagers that are jug aged, like champagne. Best known are the Kriek brews, which are dark red Lambic lagers re-matured with fruits in wooden barrels and afterward aged again in champagne bottles.”

Wesselink and Dost rush to bring up that Dovetail Bottling works is more than essentially a tribute to old brew making custom. “We are mixing customary fermenting techniques with present day inventiveness,” said Dost. “We trust that fermenting ought to be entertaining. We will grow new lager formulas that draw out the best of conventional fermenting strategies yet motivate and astonish our clients with their interesting flavor, nose and mouth feel. We think brew drinking ought to be a heavenly ordeal that draws in the greater part of the faculties. Our brews will mirror the season in which they are appreciated and the sustenance they are combined with.”

Brewers who take after their enthusiasm

By propelling Dovetail Bottling works, Wesselink and Dost joined the positions of audacious people who took after their energy to establish another business. Wesselink picked up his lord brewer affirmation from the World Preparing Foundation program of the Siebel Organization of Innovation and the Doemens Akademie in Munich, Germany in 2012. He recognizes his cousins as his real wellspring of motivation. “I got my first brew instruction in my late adolescents from my lager aficionado cousins. They would venture to every part of the nation finding the historical backdrop of lager in America, and would bring me back “Breweriana” and different territorial lagers. Amid family parties they would share these uncommon brews and the stories behind them. They showed me to acknowledge just great, delightful lagers and from that point forward, I have appreciated art brew and its history, trusting one day to make my own.”

Dost has had an effective designing profession all through his grown-up life, however lager making has been his own enthusiasm. He chose to seek after this art genuinely a couple of years back, and graduated with his lord brewer accreditation from the Siebel Foundation of Innovation in Chicago and Doemens Akademie in Munich, Germany in 2013. He has created formulas for delightful Ales, Kriek-Lambic and Hefeweizen brews. He is conversant in the German dialect and has invested a lot of energy going by various German bottling works, makers and providers to increase full comprehension of the German preparing process.

Dovetail Distillery, situated at 1800 W. Debutante Plaine in Chicago, Illinois, is an art distillery spend significant time in heavenly, adjusted lagers prepared utilizing conventional German and Belgian blending strategies. Signature lagers incorporate unfiltered German-style ales, conventional Hefeweizen, Lambic-style harsh lagers. Dovetail Bottling works likewise delivers an assortment of extraordinary occasional brews.

The 22,000 square foot fermenting office incorporates an alluring tavern that is interested in people in general for drinking and retail deals. The tavern likewise is accessible as a rental space for private occasions.

For more data about Dovetail Bottling works, please visit the distillery’s site at (under development), their newsroom a

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