Dominique Lallement Recognized for Excellence in Nonprofit Management

Dominique Lallement has been perceived by Overall Marking for demonstrating devotion, authority and incredibleness in not-for-profit administration.

Headed to protect social legacy, American Companions of Chartres was built up ten years back to raise assets to keep up and reestablish Chartres Basilica in France and advance its dynamic quality in the Unified States. “Americans revere Chartres. More than a million people every year respect the house of prayer’s noteworthy gothic design,” she says. Taking note of that in the previous three years the not-for-profit has raised near $150,000 including through a crowdfunding effort to back the present venture – the rebuilding of the Cook’s window,. “By using this support driven financing, it exhibits the esteem that Americans and people the world over have for Notre-Lady de Chartres House of prayer,” Ms. Lallement notes. Since it was set up in 2005, American Companions of Chartres has raised near a large portion of a-million dollars for the rebuilding of twelfth and thirteenth century recolored glass.

Ms. Lallement is eager to report that throughout the following two years American Companions of Chartres will convey to the American open photography shows and a film of the reclamation of Chartres House of God. As more energy manufactures encompassing such undertakings, the association will proceed with its endeavors to bring unique recolored glass artful culminations from Chartres, one day, to the Unified States.

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