Dennis Mukai’s Compelling New Paintings Mark Anticipated Show at Bergamot

Dennis Mukai new works, which will be in plain view at the Bergamot Station-based display from Feb 18 – Walk 25, with a gathering on Feb 18 from 5-8 pm, highlight famous representations and sleep inducing scenes that summon a twofold bring with their astounding two sided sayings.

“The juxtaposition and uncertainty of my oath play is expected to convey alleviation to the dull, reminiscent visuals,” Mukai says. “The diversion is close to home, intentional…and now and again, rough.”


Frequently mixed up for photos, Mukai’s depictions are carefully made utilizing just sandpaper to expel layers of paint to slowly uncover the white of the first surface- – his own particular procedure created and idealized through trial & blunder.

“The strategy for making my works of art is subtractive,” Mukai says. “A paint brush is never utilized.”

VIDEO In the background, Craftsman AT WORK:

Rather than applying paint to a gessoed surface, Mukai gradually and unequivocally evacuates the surface layer of dull paint to uncover differing degrees of the white gesso underneath.

“Minutely rubbing and troubling the two-dimensional surface to “shape” the pictures turns into an over the top reflection,” Mukai says.

Mukai, conceived in Hiroshima, Japan and brought up in Southern California, is generally perceived for pictures of wonderful ladies. His subjects have included Pamela Anderson, Tia Carrere, Kimberley Hefner, and Mimi Rogers. His works were included in Playboy and his exclusive shows reliably sold out.

An alum of Workmanship Center School in representation and configuration, Mukai’s works have accumulated honors from ADLA, Society of Artists, Dark Book, Print, and Correspondence Expressions.

Transitioning into compelling artwork, Mukai disclosed his new works at Robert Berman Display in 2008. Craftsmanship pundit, Dwindle Forthcoming noticed, “Mukai’s photos show a reality that exists inside our psyches, a reflection, not on what we see or know, but rather how we see and know it.”

In fact uncompromising, speaking with a refined nuance, Mukai’s works strongly consolidate his abilities as craftsman, originator and picture taker.

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– Video of craftsman in process:

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Dennis Mukai

Grating Assertions

Gathering: Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 5-8 pm

Show: February 18 – Walk 25, 2017

Area: ROBERT BERMAN Exhibition

Bergamot Station Expressions Center

2525 Michigan Rd. B7 Exhibition

Santa Clause Monica, CA 90404

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