David Rothermel Contemporary Features Guest Artist Larry Lefner with Monumental Wood Mosaic Sculpture “Chief Joseph” at the Santa Fe Indian Market

Santa Clause Fe Indian Market End of the week

August 18-24, 2014

David Rothermel Contemporary August Show

Santa Clause FE, NM




David Rothermel Contemporary is including visitor craftsman, Larry Lefner amid Santa Clause Fe Indian Market end of the week with his amazing bust of the Local American “Boss Joseph” of the Nez Perce. The narrative of Boss Joseph was an ardent motivation for Larry to make the great model of the well known Local American Boss. This honorable and quiet character is a symbol for his kin.

A grand bust with 29 assortments of hardwood in a model shape called “Mosaic Figure”. This “Mosaic Figure'” is a total unique in the realm of wood craftsmanship. It is a figure strategy that is Larry’s own particular creation in the realm of wood cutting. No paints or stains have been connected; the rich hues are all the common shades of the wood. Estimations: 32″ x 32″ x 45!


Larry Lefner strengthens the thought of the ‘aesthetic visionary’ in his special styles of making wood. His work of art constantly advances. He has no specialty. (He graduated in eastern logic!) He endeavors to remain in front of the individuals who might characterize him or his style of figure. He contributes a unimaginably flexible scope of carpentry; a range enveloping nature subjects and interesting characters from artistic work to compositional outlines.

Numerous occupants of Sun Valley, Santa Clause Fe, and Aspen have gathered his work of art in the thirtyfive years he has been an expert stone carver. Since moving to Aspen in 1995, his most striking achievements are the nature scenes cut into the dividers and pillar finishes of the Elk Mountain Hold up, the Fly Angler Living Tree Mold, open craftsmanship appointed by the town of Basalt, and the commemoration seat before the Woody Brook Bar.

Notwithstanding his exemplary wood form, Larry has built up his own special style of figure that is a structure of etched wood utilizing beautiful hardwoods of each assortment. These manifestations are stunning to see. The vast majority think the models are painted, however every shading in the figure is an alternate kind – and common shade of wood.

He is accessible by arrangement and invites commissions of artistic work, or mantles and entryways for custom engineering.

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