Dark Fiction Author Releases the Third Book in his Award-Winning Series

On July 29, 2014, creator, Michael Hebler discharges the most recent portion in his Chupacabra Arrangement. Legend of the Chupacabra, Book III in the 6-section arrangement, is the last part of an autonomous set of three preceding the account of the scandalous “goat-sucker” moves into new and exciting region.

Outline: Jessie and Suzanne live calmly in Portland, Oregon six years after they accepted to have put a conclusion to the scourge of the chupacabra. Yet, the ladies come to learn of their disappointment, and the purposelessness of their penances, when a wonderful get-together brings ghastliness once more into their lives; just this time, what they face will be not at all like any animal they’ve experienced. Legend of the Chupacabra marks the finish of a set of three, however the continuation of an adventure that will leave this snapshot of history doused in blood.

Prior this year, Hebler’s first volume, Night of the Chupacabra, earned him beat respects in the class of “Loathsomeness” from the National Outside the box Greatness Grants. The NIEA was established by Ellen Reid, the present President and Chief. Reid remarks, “The honors commend the best of books in print, and speak to a various gathering of first-time writers and prepared writers.” Hebler was amazingly regarded to have gotten such phenomenal acknowledgment for his energy extend.

In reference to Legend of the Chupacabra, Hebler trusts his fans and perusers will make the most of their gathering with Jessie and Suzanne. There is no deficiency of activity, riddle, cleverness, dramatization, sentiment, or, obviously, ghastliness. Furthermore, not surprisingly, there are shocks around each turn. “I’m particularly amped up for including a little bit of Oregon’s outrageous history with the Portland underground, which some likewise know as the ‘shanghai burrows'” states Hebler. “I feel that specific component equals the hardness of the chupacabra itself and looks at man and his repressed monster.”

Notwithstanding the arrival of Legend of the Chupacabra in exchange soft cover and Digital book on July 29, 2014, Hebler will likewise discharge a book recording of his perusing, which will go with the arrival of the book recordings of the initial two arrangement books also: Night of the Chupacabra and Revile of the Chupacabra.


Author: Michael Hebler

Distribution: After quite a while Productions, LLC

Style: Series

Subject: Dark Fiction/Repulsiveness

Length: 372 pages (print)/85,500 words

Binding: Perfect bound, advanced (.mobi, .epub, .pdf ), & book recording

Retail: $17.95 (print)/$4.99 (digital book)/$9.95 (book recording)

ISBN: 978-0-9833884-2-5 (Print)/978-0-9833884-7-0 (Digital book)


Before turning into a honor winning creator of his dim fiction Chupacabra Arrangement, Hebler functioned as a full-time worldwide film marketing expert on various titles for Walt Disney, Pixar, Lionsgate, Lakeshore Diversion, Warner Brothers., Summit Amusement, and additionally the 2013 Foundation Grant Winning Best Outside Dialect Film, “La grande bellezza” (The Incomparable Excellence).

Conceived in the mid 1970’s in Los Angeles Area to a sales representative and a homemaker, Hebler longed for taking after his interests for excitement and narrating by turning into a performing artist. It was while contemplating theater expressions at Orange Drift School in Costa Plateau, California, that he understood his propensity for stories was more qualified on the page than on the stage. In any case, making stories with tension, chuckling, and heart is not Hebler’s exclusive love. He likewise appreciates volunteering in his nearby group for Suppers on Wheels, and also supporting in the catch/spay/fix/discharge non domesticated program.

To date, Michael’s productions incorporate Night of the Chupacabra and Revile of the (Chupacabra Arrangement Books I & II) and his first distribution, The Night After Christmas, an occasion picture book for adherents of all ages.

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