[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Yujin Tech’s Specialty with Waterjet

Through the fortifying of market aggressiveness in the accuracy framing industry field, Daegu Techno Stop is leading the pack in cultivating exactness shaping organizations identified with metal shaping procedures, molds, stream shaping procedures, materials, warm treatment, and surface treatment in the Daegu region.

Likewise, it underpins shows, promoting, and counsels, with the goal that organizations can upgrade their worldwide market aggressiveness.

As a team with Daegu Techno Stop, AVING News has talked with Lee Yu-jin, President of Yujin Tech, which is leading the pack in the worldwide accuracy framing industry showcase.

Waterjet technique just uses water and grating, so there is no twisting of the material because of the warmth. It can be utilized for generally materials. It can utilize utilized for a wide range of material, cutting elastic, froth, plastic, elastic, cowhide, engineered material, stone, tile, metal, paper, and nourishment for instance. It can be utilized as a part of numerous industires including development, car, shipbuilding, and space flying.

The organization is commending its tenth commemoration this year. It began as the organization which has practical experience in water weight cutting with waterjet, and has extended its business range to automobile parts, rails, transportation offices, and shipbuilding parts. As of late, it sold spouts for waterjets and entered the Chinese market. It is wanting to enter Japan and Europe later on.

Lee stated, “We changed our organization name to Yujin Tech and turned into a corporate, with the assurance to expand our perspective. As a new beginning, we have high would like to get required in apparatus and mechanical production system fabricating.”

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