[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Korea Polymer’s Move to Global Market with Plastic

Through the fortifying of market intensity in the accuracy shaping industry field, Daegu Techno Stop is leading the pack in cultivating exactness framing organizations identified with metal framing forms, molds, stream shaping procedures, materials, warm treatment, and surface treatment in the Daegu region.

Likewise, it bolsters shows, showcasing, and meetings, with the goal that organizations can upgrade their worldwide market aggressiveness.

In a joint effort with Daegu Techno Stop, AVING News has talked with President Stop Chan-su from Korea Polymer (www.kppolymer.co.kr), which is leading the pack in the worldwide accuracy framing industry showcase.

Korea Polymer was set up in 1997, the year which Korean money related emergency emitted, by a gathering of authorities and specialists in manufactured tar industry. It is at present assembling many sorts of expulsion items like PE, POM, Look, PP, NY6, PEI, ABS, PC, PET, POLYKETONE, and MC nylon.

It is providing its materials and completed items to POSCO, Hyundai engines, Hyundai Substantial Enterprises, Doosan Overwhelming Ventures, Samsung Gadgets, LG Hardware, and other discount and retail wholesalers.

Its significant items are institutionalized building plastics such MC nylon and POM, extraordinary items like ESD, and polyketone, all of which have completed pilot creation. It additionally made super designing plastic Look all alone and began generation. It has made a stage forward to creating high-performing plastic like PEI, PPS, and PI.

Stop stated, “Korea Polymer is assuming control over the Asian market that was already lurked by the European organizations with its prevalent quality, cost, and conveyance. Additionally, we have fabricated a nearby office in Shenzhen as China’s economy is blasting.”

He likewise included, “We are sending out to more than 15 nations including the U.S. Australia, and South Africa, and it takes 27% of the deals. We will do our best to deliver plastic items that outperform the present quality.”

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