CorAnet Corp CEO Margaret Marcucci Wins National Award as Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Star. 13 Other Women Leaders Selected from Regions Across the U.S.

Margaret Marcucci is one of fourteen praiseworthy ladies business pioneers to venture into the spotlight and get the country’s chief honor for perfection among ladies’ business undertakings (WBEs) gave by the Ladies’ Business Endeavor National Board (WBENC)

“I am to a great degree pleased to get this acknowledgment from WBENC,” expressed Marcucci. “Since getting to be Chief of CorAnet 12 years back, our organization has gone into numerous beneficial associations with individual WBE’s that likewise decidedly affect the lives of our aggregate workers, relatives, and groups.”

“Margaret Marcucci is an exceptional pioneer who shows how ladies’ organizations can drive advancement and fuel financial development,” said Pamela Ruler Eason, President and Chief of WBENC, the country’s pioneer in ladies’ business improvement.

CorAnet and Marcucci might want to thank the Ladies Presidents’ Instructive Association, one of WBENC’s Provincial Accomplice Associations (RPO’s), which chosen Margaret for this respect. We additionally salute the other ladies pioneers:

– Camille Austin, World class Material Administrations, Inc.

– Michelle Ringer, first Decision, LLC

– Doreen Edges, US Eco Items Company

– Linda Boasmond, Cedar Ideas Partnership

– Rose Ann Set out, Hydro Dyne Inc.

– Debbie Drury, Showcase Specialists Coordinate

– Joan LaGrasse, Imagen, LLC

– Jennifer Maier, Ladies’ Appropriation Administrations

– Carrie Martinez, CM Preparations, Inc.

– Susan Munro, Half and half Group

– Tune Philip, CPI Imaginative

– Serafina Schorer, Edge Custom Racks

– Kelly Flashes, VMG/studio520

A honors celebration for Marcucci and alternate honorees will happen on Walk 24, 2016 as the finishing up occasion to WBENC’s yearly Summit & Salute in Phoenix, Arizona. Summit & Salute praises the accomplishments of our Ladies’ Business Endeavor Stars and America’s Top Partnerships for Ladies’ Business Undertakings and is gone to by more than 1,500 corporate and government administrators, WBEs and individuals from WBENC’s RPOs. As a 2016 WBENC Star, Marcucci will likewise be included consistently, for instance on an exceptional page of the WBENC site, alongside alternate honorees.

CorAnet is an innovation administrations organization that gives enterprises and government offices with Voice, Video and Information framework items and administrations that make correspondences systems disturbance free. Since 2004, we have tripled income, included Fortune 100 customers and government contracts, and extended our geographic impression broadly. Over the top commitment to customers makes us remarkable.

CorAnet’s President has been broadly perceived as a main WBE. For instance, Marcucci and Coranet got the Ladies President’s Instructive Association (WPEO) Star Grant, and also SmartCEO’s Focal point of Perfection honor for authority in innovation among medium-vast organizations. Throughout the years, Marcucci and CorAnet have gotten many “Done Arrangements” grants from the WPEO.

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