Church of the Eternal God Announces Availability of Booklet, “Heavens and Earth…Before and After the First Man!”

Was there a world before Adam, and assuming this is the case, what did it resemble? Is everything that exists basically the result of a unintentional “developmental” process or did God truly make everything inside the casing of an end-all strategy? These inquiries appear to just incite a confounding cluster of reactions instead of sensible and sensible answers. Notwithstanding, a hunt of the Book of scriptures gives genuine responses to these and numerous different inquiries.

While researchers accept there is evidence the start of the universe started with an “enormous detonation”, the Book of scriptures shows us something by and large extraordinary. God says in Beginning 1:1, “to start with, God made the sky and the earth.” The New Confirmation affirms these cases in Jews 11:3, “By confidence we comprehend that the universes were confined by the expression of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are unmistakable.” Jews 1:10 lets us know, “You, Master, before all else established the framework of the earth, and the sky are the work of your hands.” Once more, we are informed that it was God who brought into reality everything there is.

The Book of scriptures obviously demonstrates that God is the Maker for goodness’ sake, yet what precisely did He make? Did God make unquenchable dinosaurs and different awful animals? In the event that He didn’t make them in that forceful state, how and why did they get to be distinctly similar to that? Is it conceivable that some of them survived? Is it conceivable that the Loch Ness Creature or Ogopogo truly exist? Could animals, for example, Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch exist today? To what extent has man existed?

The writer of the booklet, Evangelist Norbert Connect clarified: “The Book of scriptures gives answers to the many inquiries man has around his reality and the companions of this World. To really and completely comprehend what God uncovers in the Book of scriptures and how these truths identify with the historical backdrop of man and past, one must be of a receptive outlook and have an eager state of mind. Submission to God is the faithful key that is important in the event that we truly would like to comprehend the immense picture that incorporates the 7,000 year anticipate humanity and past.”

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