Chelle Konyk Honored for her Commitment to the Practice of Law

Lawyer Chelle Konyk of Konyk & Lemme PLLC has been perceived for indicating commitment, initiative and fabulousness as a group affiliation lawyer speaking to several customers all through Florida.

Ms. Konyk has eight years of expert experience speaking to townhouses, cooperatives, and property holder affiliations and is right now the author and overseeing accomplice of Konyk & Lemme PLLC.Throughout her vocation, she has separate herself through the representation of group relationship in each limit, including general legitimate matters, contracts, debate, accumulations, media communications and link matters.

Ms. Konyk has an inate capacity to unite individuals to achieve evenhanded arrangements in this way dodging expensive prosecution. She has been perceived by the Palm Shoreline Province Commission for her “solid positive initiative as a resident promoter.” It is through this notoriety that she has started a faithful and dedicated customer base of more than 150 group affiliations.

Notwithstanding her notoriety for being a group affiliation legal advisor, Ms. Konyk effectively campaigned to change existing laws identifying with the arrangement of link administrations in mortgage holders affiliations. She has likewise finished complex mergers of related affiliations compliant with Florida Statutes, Part 617. She helps mortgage holder, apartment suite and agreeable relationship all through Martin, Palm Shoreline, Broward and Miami-Dade Areas.

Ms. Konyk got a JD from the College of Miami and a Four year certification in liberal arts from PBAU, where she graduated summa cum laude. In 2007, she was confessed to hone in the Condition of Florida, and she is a state-ensured educator of Group Affiliation Supervisor (CAM) courses. She was as of late enlisted into Overall Registry furthermore keeps up alliance with the Palm Shoreline District Bar Affiliation, the Martin Area Bar Affiliation, the American Bar Affiliation and The Florida Bar. She was the previous bad habit seat of the Palm Shoreline Region Water Utilities Admonitory Board and a previous seat of the Palm Shoreline Region Zoning Leading body of Alteration. Ms. Konyk has gotten a Customer Qualification Grant from Martindale-Hubbell in 2015, and she is likewise an AV Transcendent Appraised Lawyer with a place on the Bar Enroll of Prevalent Ladies Legal advisors.

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