Celebrate Authentic and Classic Burlesque Entertainment, ‘Burlesque Magnifique’ Finally Arrive in South Beach!

Parisian import Erika Moon has taken her shows and redid them for an advanced, yet fun and energizing treat for vacationer and local people alike.

Her freshest show ‘Vaudeville Magnifique’ will give you a chance to venture into a universe of breathtaking allure and bother as we wander through the periods of enticement.

Another idea to South Shoreline combining the craft of the bona fide bother with remarkable stimulation for a really staggering Vaudeville revue alongside our Live jazz Band ‘The French Horn’.

An ability cast of 8 entertainers introducing more than twelve of Acts alongside our 5 pieces symphony will transport you on a voyage uncovering you the periods where marvelousness, vintage and craft of enticement where so on request as every entertainer draws you into their sizzling world.

Whether it’s a night out with companions or somebody exceptional, you will appreciate a significant affair not forthcoming overlooked.

"Imagine heaps of quills, showgirls, precious stones and acts lazed with style, allure, silliness, acoustic sound and surprises!" clarifies maker and starlet Erika Moon. "Due to a popularity in the business, I needed to bring this Vintage kind of diversion in kind of an insurgency in media outlets in South Beach."

To get tickets to the Vaudeville Magnifique:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vaudeville magnifique-by-erika-moon-tickets-9686842607

on the other hand

http://www.ticketmaster.com/Erika-Moons-Vaudeville Magnifique-tickets/craftsman/1963592


on the other hand

http://concerts.livenation.com/occasion/0D004C4ACF389E49?tm_link=search_ … 592:107452

Film industry: 305-673-7300

For more data on Erika Moon and her Shows visit www.ErikaMoon.com.

For more data about the Vaudeville Magnifique Appear:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vaudeville Magnifique/778516278842708

Erika Moon creation is a Stimulation Organization situated in South Florida, master on Generation indicate in light of an European flavor.

Erika Moon innovative maker and ability live now since 3 years in Miami following 15 years of exhibitions and creation in France and around the globe.

Her main creation show is Viva Paris Universal Show alongside her new Vaudeville Magnifique.

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