CMicrotek Expands Line of Ultra-low Current Probes Optimized for Battery-powered Product Development

CMicrotek is extending their uCurrent Test line of ultra-low current tests, upgraded for the wide element current scopes of today’s remote empowered items.

“Low power utilization truly is empowering power behind a great part of the advancement we’re finding in shopper gadgets, vitality collecting, wearable innovation, the Web of Things, medicinal gadgets, mechanical technology and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Item advancement supervisors and specialist’s need the assurance in their present estimations that our tests give keeping in mind the end goal to meet their item specs and venture plans.” clarifies Mike Rent, President and author of CMicrotek. “The rest current of the micros found in these new items can without much of a stretch fall into the many nanoamps range or lower. The current can run a few hundred microamps when the miniaturized scale is conscious and in an item with a remote radio, the current can hop to tens or many milliamps. Designers can squander days or even weeks streamlining their energy administration without particular devices like our uCurrent Tests.”

The freshest individual from the uCurrent Test line is the uCP120, amplifying the present scope of the uCP100 (5nA up to 100mA) for higher power applications, for example, WiFi empowered items. The uCP120 is equipped for estimations from 50nA up to 800mA. Both items give:

– A wide info voltage run from under 1V to 20VDC, making them usable with all normal little battery voltages and rationale control rails and in addition “low voltage” vitality reaping power sources and 12V sun powered boards.

– High pick up intensifier and zoom see choices to permit specialists to abstain from breaking down current waveforms utilizing a degree’s most minimal volts per division setting, commonly their minimum precise estimation run.

– Three estimation modes, exactness and wide-extend mode utilizing inner sense resistors in addition to outside sense resistor mode which permits the present range to be streamlined for the objective framework.

The uCP100 is accessible now, the uCP120 is planned to begin delivering in June. The tests are evaluated at $595 including widespread info control supply, BNC-to-BNC scope link, target framework link and small scale gripper cuts. Information sheet and a video demo are on the CMicrotek site at

About CMicrotek

CMicrotek is building up a group of instruments for ultra-low present and power estimations. The organization’s items are expected for use in creating battery and vitality gathering controlled items and also line-fueled items where vitality effectiveness is basic or subject to direction.

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