Breeder of Champion Borzoi Rita Rice to Serve as VP of National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform (NADBR)

For a long time, Rita Rice and spouse Bryan Rice have been reproducers of Borzoi.

Rita Rice has been a devoted promoter for thoroughbred and reason reproduced canines for a long time. She started demonstrating dogs in compliance, bait coursing and adaptation in the 1990s and has turned into an exceedingly fruitful rival in the Assembled States and universally. From the Rices’ Aria Borzoi pet hotel have come various AKC compliance champions, AKC and ASFA field champions, Best-in-Field victors and terrific champions.

Rita Rice is likewise a volunteer for the National Borzoi Protect Establishment and has already volunteered for Greyhound Pets of America. She at present serves as the Treasurer and the Administrative Contact for the Borzoi Club of America and the Authoritative Contact for the Scottish Deerhound Club of America.

“There have been many endeavors to enhance puppy reproducing, yet none before has united capable raisers and the protect group to advance sound business practices and great cultivation,” said Rice, who has consented to wind up VP of the National Organization together for Canine Rearing Change (NADBR) and to serve on its board.

“Rita presents to us a profound comprehension of best practices from a regarded locally established reproducer, an abundance of contacts from the show and rearing universes and understanding into the most ideal approach to accomplish our central goal,” said Tone Allow, NADBR President.

About National Cooperation for Canine Reproducing Change:

NADBR is focused on the objective of guaranteeing that puppies reproduced for benefit are demonstrated thoughtfulness, treated others consciously, and reared utilizing just therapeutically stable practices. Interface on Facebook or take in more at

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