Book Your Stay with TWELVE Hotels for Dragon Con at America’s Mart

The midtown and downtown Atlanta lodging business, TWELVE Inns, takes note of the 2014 Mythical beast Con tradition is relied upon to draw numerous a greater number of fans in than earlier years (the participation rate in 2012 was more than 50,000), so reserving room spot now is an absolute necessity.

The occasion is held every year in Atlanta and is facilitated at five lodgings near Centennial Olympic Stop. On the off chance that you are a nearby, you know how famous Winged serpent Con is and how congested the downtown area gets amid the end of the week long tradition.

Mythical serpent Con Will undoubtedly Convey Gigantic Group

Running from August 29th through the first of September, the occasion is under two months away and shutting in quick. It is the world’s chief social affair spot for faithful aficionados of the sci-fi and comic book sort, in spite of the fact that the tradition has extended fundamentally throughout the most recent 25 years to grasp a differing exhibit of imagination culture components and their particular fan base followings.

Participations for the 2014 tradition can be gotten through Mythical beast Con’s legitimate site, which is likewise the best asset for learning everything there is know to about this stunning, varied gathering and to interface with similarly invested enthusiasts of imagination fiction!

On the off chance that you are originating from away like such a variety of other Monster Con fans, recall to hold a room near Centennial Olympic Stop. Participants are ensured to revere the exceptionally roused chic lodging line worked by TWELVE Inns.

“We offer cheery, counter-standard lodging rooms, ones that guarantee solace and tasteful interest. Grasp your geeky side and make the most recent end of the week in August a paramount one,” says John Reilly, General Administrator of TWELVE Inns.

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Around TWELVE:

TWELVE Lodgings were conceived of another way to deal with outlining boutique Atlanta inns, one that wedded the ideas of upscale around the local area homes with advanced Atlanta boutique inns. The subsequent environment unites the best of both universes. For the occupants of TWELVE, every one of the comforts and liberalities of a top of the line inn are accessible. For you, our inn visitor, the experience of a urban suite that is more similar to a home makes a novel offering not at all like some other.

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