Bonnie He Takes a Comic Turn in “The New Empress” a Jameson First Shot 2016 Winner

Bonnie He co-stars in the comedic short “The New Ruler” featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Adam Kulbersh and created by Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti and Carter Swan of Trigger Road Preparations. The triumphant script by Jason Perini was chosen as one of three undertakings to be made into a film as a feature of 2016 Jameson First Shot global film rivalry. He plays a guitar playing Chinese cowgirl. On her character’s division: “My character is portrayed as an ‘Asian Dolly Parton’ finish with a southern twang as I sing and strum the guitar. The reason for my character is to make you chuckle despite yourself.” The triumphant movies can be seen on YouTube.

About the Film: “The New Ruler” takes after the adventures of a couple putting on a show to be locked in to get free sustenance at eateries. He was thrown after Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Road Creations group saw her in the pilot for her web arrangement, “Darla Wang, Dick Whisperer”. The executive, Jason Perini, echoes the throwing decision, “She was splendidly thrown. She brought commitment, exactness and amusing to the part.” Perini’s script was chosen by Trigger Road Preparations and Maggie Gyllenhaal to breath life into his script.

Bonnie He: She is spoken to by Hover of 10 Ability dramatically and by Pantheon Ability financially. Her essential improv group is Yellow Fever which has performed at all the major improv theaters in LA. She is additionally the maker, author and star of the hit web arrangement, “Darla Wang, Dick Whisperer”.

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