Bon Affair Reinvents the Wine Spritzer

America’s 89 million wine consumers now have a top-rack, lighter alternative. San Diego-based Bon Undertaking has propelled a line of all-regular, prepared to-drink wine spritzers. With a large portion of the calories of standard wine, zero included sugar and electrolytes, Bon Issue is bad habit… meets goodness.

BON Issue IS…

– California wine

– Filtered carbonated water

– Electrolytes

– Cell reinforcements (grape seed remove, natural cranberry juice separate)

– 6.5% ABV (more than the normal brew, not as much as wine)

"I adore wine," says originator Jayla Siciliano. "But that second or third glass is regularly excessively. I simply don’t generally require the additional liquor and calories. Companions and I depended on making wine spritzers. It permitted us drink longer and feel better the following morning. It was to a great degree practical… it simply didn’t taste great.

"We dependably wished there was a superior form. So I invested months counseling refreshment specialists. I needed an all-characteristic item that tasted extraordinary. At that point I figured, why not include electrolytes?"

Bon Issue is fresh, dry, and served chilled- – like Champagne or Prosecco. The filtered carbonated water and electrolytes hydrate you while the wine works its standard charms.

"Now I have a choice that is ideal for a considerable length of time by the pool, at a long wedding, or a night out before a major day of work," says Siciliano.

Bon Undertaking’s Sauvignon Blanc spritzer is first to advertise, with Pinot Noir soon to take after. Clients can purchase Bon Issue online at (accessible to NY, FL, CA, AZ, FL, IL). It will likewise be sold at retail in Southern California at top outlets (resorts, gourmet basic supply, and so forth.). Development is as of now underway for other significant markets.

Jayla arrangements to develop Bon Issue into a worldwide brand based on solid qualities, morals, and a culture that is wildly imaginative, dynamic, business-sagacious and prudently unserious. In whatever shape, Bon Undertaking will be the place bad habit meets goodness.


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