Barack Obama VS Kim Jong-Un in an Unsuspected Battle = The Craziest Smartphone Game of 2014 is Finally Hitting Google Android Market

Mr President reclassifies the words "having fun" in versatile video gaming on Android…Let’s be straightforward, how frequently in your life will you have the capacity to play with Barack Obama and kick the North Korean pioneer’s a** with the force of one finger? Likely never!

Mr President on Android place you in control of the following level of political arrangement. Pick your Leader, or political figure, of your decision (going from Barack Obama to Francois Hollande or even Ruler Elizabeth) and go rebuff your partner the world over. Your mystery weapon: A solitary finger that you shoot to go for the butt of your adversary! In any case, be cautious, the adversary is loaded with shock, and it is more probable that they will attempt to bring you down first by utilizing their huge pulverization weapon: By taking a dump on you!

So attempt to evade the falling crap and turn into the main government official justice fighter on this Android diversion!

Mr President on Android is a shooting diversion putting your pointing and response abilities to the crappiest and most entertaining test. It is difficult to play without having a grin all over, and the amusement turns out to be shockingly addictive as you attempt to open new President and nation en route!


– 3 distinct diversions mode

– Time assault: Kick some ass as quick as conceivable to pick up the most extreme focuses

– Test mode: Venture to the far corners of the planet on 10 unique levels to wipe some messy butt

– Marathon: Prepare for the continuance method of the amusement, prodding your rival the length of you can while keeping away from its poo.

– Mind blowing 2D toon illustrations & activity of President and political figures from all around the globe

– 20 characters to play with

– Accomplishments: Open 15 of the 20 characters and find astounding characters en route!

– Expanding trouble: The more you play, the harder it gets.

– A never observed amusement idea!

– You can at long last play Barack Obama or David Cameron and demonstrate Syria who is in control!

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