Achieve a Brilliant White Smile with Centurysmile

You welcome the world with your grin, the principal thing individuals see about you is frequently your smile.Centurysmile is resolved to help you accomplish a grin that portrays pride & certainty and demonstrates the world that you cherish life.

Indeed, even the splendid of grins can some time require assist upgrade, lighting up and make overs. Centurysmile grin makeover help you get a stylish upgrade while the common appearance of your gums are retained.The grin make over can do miracles to your certainty level and it doesn’t look counterfeit or unnatural.

After a thorough exam you are given a treatment arrange containing demonstrated strategies to manufacture your grin. The grin make over process may incorporate dental embeds all on four/teeth in a day, porcelain polishes, Zoom propelled teeth brightening, grin meetings, porcelain fillings, porcelain crowns and connects, and invisalign.

Experienced Dental specialist

At Centurysmile you will meet Dr. Maryam Talaie, an alum of College of Southern California who is to a great degree capable in the field of dentistry. She has a firm conviction that solace, excellence, and dentistry ought to be symphonious.

Customers at Centurysmile are to a great degree happy with Dr Talie proficient aptitudes and the astounding grins she makes with her expertise full eye and itemized approach.

Most recent Dental Innovation

Centurysmile consistently consolidates most up to date advancements, strategies and materials to further upgrade understanding consideration, comfort level and the life span of dental work.

The dentistry is furnished with advanced dental innovation like computerized imaging, advanced X-Beams, ultrasonice scalers and intraoral camera.

Very Evaluated By Customers

Centurysmile is very evaluated by it’s customers all through as the dentistry focuses on customers treatment in a convenient, learned and minding way.

The dentistry ensure that that you have a lovely affair all through and abandoning you with an enchanting grin that has a constructive outcome to your life.

About Centurysmile

CenturySmile Corrective & crisis dentistry is situated in Culvercity LA. The dentistry gives various dental administrations including corrective dentistry, teeth brightening & neuromuscular dentistry.

The dentistry welcome patients from Beverly Slopes, Century City, Cheviot Slopes, Culver City, Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Rancho Stop, Santa Clause Monica, West Los Angeles, and past.

Intrigued to plan your first arrangement, call Centurysmile office today at 310.836.6161 or visit the site at

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