AXXAIR USA Tube Cutting and Facing Equipment an Excellent Choice for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Other Sanitary Tubing Solutions

AXXAIR offers orbital cutting and confronting devices for clean tubing arrangements. AXXAIR hardware is being utilized as a part of a few ventures including Nourishment and Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Aviation and others.

AXXAIR orbital hardware is streamlined to meet the prerequisites required for superb process tubing and process funneling enterprises that utilization stainless steel in sterile situations. AXXAIR machines are likewise perfect for tube construction in the orbital welding process.

“Our AXXAIR orbital saws, for example, CC81, CC121 and CC171 are utilized for stainless steel and also carbon steel creation,” said Jonathan Specialty, Overseeing Executive for AXXAIR USA. “AXXAIR items were initially made for thin divider applications. Presently AXXAIR creative innovation and abilities have been extended to process funneling applications. Organizations that work in process establishment and creation can expand their efficiency accordingly of utilizing AXXAIR orbital gear.”

“Many organizations,” proceeded with Strong point, “are utilizing AXXAIR hardware in handling ventures for stainless steel vessels, tanks, slides, prepare modules, warm exchangers, and other custom creation. They utilize our cutting saws and our DC25 and DC65 confronting apparatuses.”

To take in more about the AXXAIR line of items: orbital-cutting-facing.php?source=pr-2015-01


AXXAIR USA acquires mastery configuration, producing, deals, overhauling and preparing of the most elevated quality orbital cutting, slanting and confronting squaring gear in the pipe and tube industry. AXXAIR USA offers and administrations around North America including: Dallas, Houston, Forward Worth TX, New Orleans, Lafayette LA, Albuquerque NM, Portland OR, Tulsa alright and now areas in Alberta, Canada. To take in more, visit the organization site:

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