A List Broker’s Guide to Mapping Affluent Markets

Well-to-do purchasers have dependably been a standout amongst the most subtle, and looked for after gatherings of people for rundown dealers and showcasing experts. For over a century, the rundown dealers at WS Ponton have accumulated the most immaculate and correct promoting information on well off business sectors, and a ton has changed in 130 years!

Here is an example of the WS Ponton index from 1955 with a breakdown of New York City’s most prosperous markets (see picture) . At the time, there were under 2,000 tycoons living in the New York region!’

Today, WS Ponton is still the most trusted supplier of rundown agent information for well-off business sectors and it’s there are 389,100 moguls living in New York City…that’s more than 1 in each 25 New Yorkers! NYC tops the Assembled States in the most moguls per capita, trailed by San Francisco and Houston.

At WS Ponton, we know where the most prosperous markets are and how to contact them. Whether you’re advertising group needs to connect with socialites, altruists, resigned very rich people, even extravagance auto beaus, WS Ponton has the buyer information to rundown dealers get to these profitable markets.

As the well-to-do showcase develops and changes, WS Ponton is constantly one stage ahead with the most significant rundown representative information for affluent, and ultra-rich shoppers around the nation.

WS Ponton gives the chief rundown dealer administrations to direct showcasing experts all through the nation. Our unparalleled information cleanliness systems guarantee that the majority of our shopper information gives just the most important, applicable leads for achieving any objective statistic.

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