A Book Entitled “Straight?” Touches the Issue of Secretly Gay African American Men

Creator T L Williamson dives profound into the point of homosexuality among African American men in America, in a way that is certain to raise eyebrows and loan knowledge into a world where many live in the shadows. The book entitled “Straight?” is composed from the direct point of view of a down-low man living in today’s general public.

The book’s writer, T L Williamson, speaks sincerely about the homo hooligan, the wedded man, and the bi-sexual man. He pulls no punches as he straightforwardly covers, for ladies, how to know whether your man is messing around with a transsexual or a gay man. Williamson has invested years living as a down-low sibling, and has encountered diverse associations with bi-sexual, wedded, and straight “siblings” on the low.

Taking his direct record, and years of picked up involvement, information, and shrewdness, Williamson takes both men and ladies into a world that very few need to talk about – a universe of duplicity, depression, misjudging, and sex. Williamson additionally helps ladies to answer inquiries, for example, “Where did he get those costly endowments he has?” or, “My man smells like he simply engaged in sexual relations, who is he upsetting?” and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

T L Williamson is an African American creator, and Straight? is his first true to life book. He is likewise right now taking a shot at a homo-suggestive anecdotal romantic tale. For more data about Straight? then again T L Williamson and his work, visit www.straight-book.com.

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