23andMe Joins as Benefactor Sponsor of Festival Celebrating Mixed-Race Families

23andMe, the main individual hereditary qualities organization, has marked on as an Advocate Supporter of the Blended Remixed Celebration, the country’s biggest social occasion of blended race and multiracial families and craftsmen. The Celebration will occur at the Los Angeles Theater Center in downtown Los Angeles (514 S. Spring Road), June 10, 2017.

Presently in its fourth year, the Celebration commends stories of multiracial Americans and families, the quickest developing statistic in the U.S. A free open occasion, the Celebration unites film and book beaus, creative and rising craftsmen, and multiracial and multicultural families and people for workshops, readings, exhibitions, and film screenings. Families can appreciate intuitive specialty exercises, free face painting, and intelligent narrating time.

“We are to a great degree satisfied to have 23andMe as a support,” says Celebration Organizer Heidi Durrow who calls herself an Afro-Viking since she is African-American and Danish. “The organization gives an important administration that people groups find the multifaceted nature of their experiences. The DNA stories 23andMe uncover highlight how the Blended experience is one that we as a whole share.”

“We are eager to bolster such a magnificent occasion,” said Joanna Mountain, PhD, populace geneticist and Senior Chief of Exploration at 23andMe. “Our nation’s rich and various history is reflected in our DNA. Investigating your family’s hereditary qualities is only one approach to associate with and find more about your family’s one of a kind story.”

The Celebration, a 501(c)(3) non-benefit expressions association, is delivered by Durrow a New York Times top of the line author, and a capable group of amusement experts and craftsmen.

In 2016, the Blended Remixed Celebration pulled in near 1000 individuals from the nation over and highlighted many authors, researchers and entertainers including television and film star Taye Diggs who distributed a top of the line youngsters’ book Blended Me! This year the Celebration praises the 50th Commemoration of Adoring v. Virginia, the Preeminent Court choice that enabled individuals of various races to wed across the country.

Enlistment opens May 1 for the fourth yearly Blended Remixed Celebration, a free occasion that is interested in people in general. The total Celebration timetable will be accessible when enlistment opens at www.mixedremixed.org.

Celebration backers and funders include: 23andMe, Blended Chicks, the Leo Buscaglia Establishment, and the Puffin West Establishment.

The Blended Remixed Celebration, a 501(c)(3) non-benefit expressions association, praises stories about blended race and multiracial experience and personality with a yearly film, book and execution celebration.

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